DLM Forum upcoming webinars this autumn

This autumn the DLM Forum will organise the following webinars

"DiAGRAM: the Digital Archiving Graphical Risk Assessment Model," Alex Green, Hannah Merwood, and David Underdown from the UK National Archives, 15th September at 14:00 (CEST).

The UK National Archives has been leading a collaborative project with five other English archives, and statisticians from the University of Warwick’s Applied Statistics & Risk Unit, to develop DiAGRAM: the Digital Archiving Graphical Risk Assessment Model.

DiAGRAM’s foundation is a Bayesian Network – a statistical model that estimates the probability of outcomes by considering conditional events and changes over time (e.g. the lifespan of our archival storage depends on a changing mix of storage media types). In this presentation we will give a background to the project, a brief overview of the methodology and demonstrate how the tool can be used in practice to inform preservation policy decisions.

Please register in advance for the meeting here.


“E-ARK and eArchiving – Your questions answered,” Jaime Kaminski, Highbury IVS, Diogo Proença, University of Lisbon et al., 29th September at 14 (CET).

The webinar introduces the E-ARK project and its outputs: What problems does it solve, how does it solve them, and does the approach meet the needs of the user? What is the added value for the digital community and the expected benefit?

Please register in advance for the meeting here.


“Preservation of Corona-evidence at the Danish National Archives,” Jette Holmstrøm Kjellberg, the Danish National Archives, 21st October at 14 (CET).


“Computer Cholera,” Chris Day, the National Archives of the UK, 12th November at 14 (CET).



Webinars are open to DLM Forum community members.