The MoReq Work Programme

MoReq® is a records management specification published by the DLM Forum that describes "modular requirements for records systems". The latest edition of the MoReq® specification is MoReq2010®.

MoReq2010® aims to provide a comprehensive, but simple and easily understood set of requirements for a records system that is intended to be adaptable and applicable to divergent information and business activities, industry sectors and types of organisation. It avoids a “one size fits all” approach to implementing a records management solution by establishing instead a definition of a common set of core services that are shared by many different types of records system, but which are also modular and flexible, allowing them to be incorporated into highly specialised and dedicated applications that might not previously have been acknowledged as records systems. - From the MoReq2010® Purpose and Objective, section 1.2.1, page 12

After discussion in 2018 about the future of the MoReq, no member had come forward with suggestions regarding further support and development of the standard. The Executive Committee has decided not to initiate any further development of the MoReq, and the website has been updated accordingly. The MoReq resources are still available on the website, and if at some point a group of members volunteers to carry on with MoReq-development, the Executive Committee would be supportive.