DLM has moved to Estonia

DLM Forum has moved its legal residence to Estonia. We must get used to the idea of everything-on-the-move in our field of rapid changes, where technological advancements set new directions every day. Our DLM community has also undergone a number of transformations over the past 25 years. Do you remember that we were first called “Documents Lisibles par Machine”?

DLM – established by an initiative of the European Council in the mid-nineties – has been a Foundation legally based in the UK since 2010. The decision to move to Estonia was motivated by our desire to maintain a base in the European Union in order to strengthen and deepen our strong ties with European Union institutions.

Estonia, is a digital society engaged in permanent research on how to do it more simply and more effectively. Citizens can vote from their laptops, the aim is that no single piece of information should be provided twice to government, and physicians can access their patients’ medical electronic records with full respect to data protection regulations. Estonia is the winning choice for an organization working on pan-European-wide solutions to our common challenges of management and retrieval of digital information.

The new name of DLM is now officially DLM Forum MTÜ, which is the Estonian acronym for non-profit organizations. Our new home is the lively city of Tartu. The city Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, and colleagues from the National Archives and the Ministry of Communication and Economic Affairs warmly hosted the 2018 Annual General Meeting in May 2018 to celebrate our new Estonian adoption, and the DLM Community and Members enjoyed the strongest academic program in years. A promising start for the next 25 years to come.