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Category: Events Archive
folder.png 2017, Malta DLM AGM Subcategories: 2 Files: 11
folder_blue.png 2017, Brighton 8th Triennial Conference Subcategories: 3 Files: 37
folder.png 2016, Oslo DLM Member Meeting Files: 14
folder.png 2016, Luxembourg - E-ARK 2nd year review Files: 11
folder.png 2016, Hague General Meeting Subcategories: 8 Files: 37
folder.png 2016, E-ARK closing conference Subcategories: 2 Files: 18
folder.png 2015, Riga General Meeting Files: 15
folder.png 2015, Portsmouth E-ARK meeting Files: 8
folder.png 2015, Luxembourg Member Meeting Files: 16
folder.png 2014, Lisbon DLM Conference Subcategories: 1 Files: 28

The DLM Forum held its 7th triennial conference in Lisbon from 12 to 14 November 2014. Sessions were focused on the latest challenges and innovation in Information Governance.

folder.png 2014, Athens Spring Members Meeting Subcategories: 11 Files: 25

DLM Forum's Spring Members Meeting held in Athens on the 10th and 11th June, and kindly hosted by the General State Archives of Greece.

folder.png 2013, Vilnius Members Meeting Files: 1
folder.png 2013, Dublin Members Meeting Files: 18
folder.png 2012, Zagreb Members Meeting Files: 3
folder.png 2012, Copenhagen General Meeting Files: 2
folder.png 2011, Budapest Members Meeting Subcategories: 2 Files: 20
folder.png 2011, Brussels DLM Conference Files: 4
folder.png 2010, Madrid Members Meeting Files: 10
folder.png 2010, Brussels Members Meeting Files: 9
folder.png 2009, Prague Members Meeting Subcategories: 1 Files: 16

 have the pleasure in inviting members of the DLM Forum to the next meeting under the Czech presidency. DLM Forum members meeting held on 21st and 22nd April, 2009, at the National Archives in Prague. Organization by the DLM Forum and the Department of the Archives Administration and Records Management of the Ministry of Interior, the Czech Republic.

folder.png 2009, Härnösand Members Meeting Files: 6
folder.png 2008, Toulouse DLM Conference Subcategories: 2 Files: 8

DLM Forum conference held in Toulouse, France, 10-12 December 2008.

folder.png 2008, Members Meeting Ljubljana Subcategories: 1 Files: 8

DLM Forum Members Meeting in Llubljana, Slovenia, 8th and 9th April 2008, and kindly hosted by the National Archives of Slovenia.

folder.png 2007, Lisbon Members Meeting Subcategories: 1 Files: 8

DLM Forum Members Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, 22nd and 23rd November 2007, and kindly hosted by the National Archives of Portugal.

folder.png 2007, Berlin Members Meeting Files: 7

The DLM Forum Members Meeting took place in Berlin, Germany, on 25th and 26th April 2007, and kindly hosted by the Bundesarchiv.

folder.png 2006, Vienna Members Meeting Files: 12

The DLM Forum Members Meeting took place in Vienna 2006, and kindly hosted by The National Archives of Austria.

folder.png 2006, Helsinki Members Meeting Subcategories: 1 Files: 13
folder.png 2005, Budapest DLM Conference Subcategories: 13 Files: 32

The fourth multidisciplinary European Document Lifecycle Management (DLM) Forum Conference on electronic records took place in Budapest on 5-7 October 2005. The conference was organised by the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office and the Hungarian Archives with the support of the DLM Forum chaired by Sarah Tyacke, the Chief Executive of The National Archives.

folder.png 2004, Hague Members Meeting Files: 6

The DLM Forum Members Meeting Autumn 2004 took place in The Hague, and was kindy hosted by The National Archives of The Netherlands. 

folder.png 2004, Dublin Members Meeting Files: 4

The DLM Forum Members Meeting took place in Dublin 2004, and was kindly hosted by The National Archives of Ireland. 

folder.png 2002, Barcelona DLM Conference Files: 1

The DLM-Forum 2002 that took place in Barcelona between 6 and 8 May 2002 was a major event in the interdisciplinary exchange of information on electronic document and records management. The third DLM-Forum overall, it was also the first DLM-Forum of a new generation. The main objective of the DLM-Forum 2002 was to bring forward the most recent expertise and applications in this field, to focus in particular on the access and the preservation of electronic information and to present concrete results and best practices. This time, on a much larger scale than was possible in the previous two DLM-Forums in 1996 and 1999.