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Category: 2022, Oslo DLM Members' meeting
1.1_K. de Brisis_The policy perspective Download
1.2_K. Hall_Digital transformation in public sector Download
2.1_K. Saltiola_A. Jääskeläinen_Memoriaali Download
2.2_J. Dalsten Sørensen_Fast Display Download
2.3_T. Räisanen_Automatic subject indexing using Annif software Download
3.1_A. Jergel_Why should we use standards Download
3.2_T. Sødring_General REcordkeeping REQuirements Download
4.1_A. Posthumus_R. Ouwerkerk_Archiving by design in practice in the Netherlands Download
4.2_C. Bustelo_First steps towards archiving by design in Barcelona City Council Download
4.3_H. Jendal_Archiving by design – a case from parental benefits Download
5.1_P. Anderton_Preservation at Scale Download
5.2_T. Sødring_T. E. Johansen_Blockchain and migration Download
5.3_M. Merenmies_From legacy to service Download
6_AI session_A. Jääskeläinen_Digging deeper into scanned documents Download
6_AI session_T. Räisanen_Annif installation Download
6_Geoforum_G. Završnik Download
6_Geoforum_M. Rechtorik Download
7_Closing_DLM_Prague_2022 Download